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12" Woofer in Vented Enclosure (300W RMS) 4-ohm

Impedance (Ω) 4
Peak Input / Maximum Power (W) 2000
Maximum Input Power (W) 600
Rated/RMS Power (W) 300
Sensitivity (dB at 1m) 82
Frequency Response (Hz) 30 ~ 300
Woofer Size 30cm 12inch
# of Woofer 1
Base Unit KFC-XW1241
Cone Injection Polypropylene
Surround Urethane
Basket Steel
Gasket ABS
Magnet Ferrite φ134-φ70-t30
Type Ported
Material Medium Density Fiberboard
Terminal Push Terminal
Down Firing Capable
Width 530mm 20-7/8inch
Height 402mm 15-13/16inch
Depth 372mm 14-5/8inch
Gross Weight 17.1kg 37.7lb
ACCESSORY Tapping Screw Φ5 x 25, 8pcs
Mounting Plate, 2pcs
Warranty Card
SPECIAL FEATURE Steel Mesh Grille Attached
Slant Back Design with Flared Port
Down Firing Capable
5/8" MDF Construction with 3/4" Baffle Board
8AWG-ready Nickel-plated Spring Posts
Injection Polypropylene X-motif Cone
with Diamond Array Pattern
Closed Yoke with Advanced Airflow Control
Aluminum Bobbin

X-Motif Cap

X-Motif Cap controls resonance frequency and cuts unnecessary frequency, delivering powerful and solid bass response.

Closed Yoke with Advanced Airflow Control

Subwoofer has a robust thermal management system, implemented with an Aluminum Bobbin, Closed Yoke Design, and Advanced Airflow Control.

Stress Controlled Spider

Computer-optimized damper controls stress and increases mechanical durability.

Multiple Position Options

Forward, Rear, or Down-Firing installation available.

Slant Back Design

Easily fits behind the rear seat of an SUV and is more effective in suppressing standing waves that typically occur in a standard square enclosure.

3/4" THICK MDF Baffle

5/8” MDF construction with 3/4” THICK Baffle provides more strength and durability, ensuring accurate bass even at high volume.

INCLUDED Steel Mesh Grille

Valued at $30 when sold separately, enclosure includes a protective grille for further enhanced durability.

Enhanced Down-Firing Structural Support

Extra thick legs support the weight of the system when installed in a down-firing application. This ensures the low frequency energy is transmitted without loss, resulting in powerful, impactful bass.

Reduced Port Noise

The port’s rounded shape reduces airflow resistance and noise generation.

Precisely Power Matched

P-XW1241S Subwoofer enclosure encloser is precisely power matched with the eXcelon X502-1 amplifier.


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